Wednesday, August 9, 2017

EXHIBITION TOKYO | Part 2 - Dreamy Moroccan Garden Exhibition

Photo collage courtesy of @coconuts.17 on Instagram

Hello friends, 

Here is part 2 of the exhibition story... it started on a Wednesday & ended on a Saturday (June 14-17) with workshops every single day. Even though it was during the rainy season, we were granted a beautiful sun every day which helped tremendously our visitors to come all the way to the gallery. I am not able to feature pictures of everyone in this blogpost, but you can check the album on my Facebook page

The gold curtain ended up being a great photo backdrop & tool!
Hours of labor to create the title out of cardboard, paper & pompoms 
but it was all worth it at the end!
Accessories, bags and wall art displayed harmoniously. Most pieces are unique!
Tadadam! I present you the most popular design of this collection. 
All 7 pieces got snapped up over the first two days of the exhibition!
Leaves brooches were quite popular as well!
Funky little tote bags created for the occasion
Earrings & Fatima hand brooches. All in a unique color combination!
The necklace masterpiece (available here)
Illustrator Eri Takenaga presenting her new purchase 
and wearing her embroidered accessories collection 
Tropical brooches (available here)
Bright and colorful bracelets (available here, here and here)

I had en entire section of the exhibition dedicated to roses, as Morocco famously produces dried roses that are used in the perfume industry.

Akima-san is wearing two flower brooches I created just for her at the end of 2016. 
I absolutely love her fashion taste and her gift to mix colors!

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