Thursday, August 10, 2017

TRAVEL TOKYO | Yakumo Saryo Restaurant & Tea House

Japanese sweets & matcha green tea at Yakumo Saryo Tea House

Hello friends,

If you are in Tokyo and appreciate green tea + Japanese sweets + meditation you may want to pay a visit to the beautiful space that is Yakumo Saryo tea house. I was introduced to this place by my lovely friend Hiki of Uguisu, the little shoppe (a great shop to buy handmade Japanese gifts & souvenirs).

Here is poetic description of the space by host Shinichiro Ogata:

"I have devoted myself to bringing to today's generation my vision of a contemporary Japanese lifestyle and making one's life richer. (...) Yakumo Saryo was born to become a stylish modern take on Japanese traditions combining a restaurant, a gallery and also a tea salon. 
Dining at Yakumo Saryo is like escaping from reality and from the stress of the city, by taking a breath into the essentials of a contemporary Japanese food experience."

Yakumo Saryo serves traditional Japanese breakfast as well as Kaiseki courses. I went there for tea and it was so nice to escape the buzzing city life & heat to experience peace and quiet while savoring  a matcha green tea and Japanese sweets. Highly recommended!

Note: customers under 12 are not accepted; taking pictures inside the tea house is not allowed, however you can take a picture of your order. 

Yakumo Saryo
3-4-7 Yakumo
Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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