Sunday, January 14, 2018

NEW RETAILER ♡ KéTaLa boutique in Lausanne

 A selection of the pieces made for KéTaLa...

Hello friends, 

This post is long overdue as I want to introduce you to the first retailer shop in Switzerland to carry my embroidery products! I discovered KéTaLa boutique through Instagram and my dear friend Natacha Plano and last September I was brave enough to pitch the owner and get an appointment at the shop in Lausanne.

We had an excellent contact and it was a pleasure to discover the shop in person, and explore it. The decoration & atmosphere is unique as well as the selection of pieces, including many hype or up-and-coming designers from elsewhere in Europe (Agnès de Verneuil, Aurore Havenne, Myriam Maitamar, LYLAN, etc...). The kind of shop where you can find the perfect gift for a friend and where you wish your friends would get your birthday present 😉

Iwona picked some items among the existing pieces I had brought with me, and added a selection of custom made designs following a different color scheme - like darker colors or on a black felt base. I was pleased with the result, and I hope our collaboration will continue in 2018!

 KéTaLa Boutique
Avenue de Béthusy 4
1005 Lausanne
Tél: 021 324 03 03

Closed on Sunday

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I hope to share more about the city of Lausanne in the future, I am loving this town which is by the Léman lake and facing the French Alps - so beautiful!

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